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March 3, 2018 is our next sale!

Money and time are valuable, so shop and sell with us! We love bargains and know our clients do too! Our primary goals are to offer an easy and fun way to consign /sell items you no longer need and give shoppers a chance to purchase items at a fraction of the retail cost. Most of all we are excited to interact with the community by networking through our resales! We currently offer The Columbus Kids Resale 2 times a year! Check out this sale for great deals on items you need for your children or to downsize the amount of stuff you are storing in your home! This sale meets the needs to children ages infant to teen!

About the Resale Coordinators:

Brittany Boezeman (right)- Mother of 2 children and licensed teacher. I enjoy planning and organizing events and interacting with the public. I have a passion for finding good deals, which is what led me to start the resales here in Columbus! I want others to experience that blissful feeling of getting a GREAT DEAL on something they need, or maybe just want!

Lindsey Babinec (middle)- Mother of 2 children, and owner of Blondie's Salon & Spa! As a mom, I know how quickly little ones outgrow (or never even use) all that adorable baby gear. Don't waste valuable square footage in your home by storing your old stuff - sell it!

Jeny Piatkowski, Lindsey Babinec, and Brittany Boezeman

Why Sell with Us?

If you have some great kid stuff you're no longer using or no longer need, please visit the Online Registration page on this website to register electronically. Please be sure to download the sellers packet as well  (see the Online Registration page). This packet contains important dates and seller guidelines that are required for the sale!

FAQ's- Our resales are the latest trend for consigning unwanted items. You name the price! You receive up to 80% of your sales! You don't have to advertise or work the sale. We do all the behind the scenes work! You can also have peace of mind in knowing that a portion of the sales, from our Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Resales, will go to a local charitable organization.

Everyone benefits from a resale - the seller gets rid of unneeded items and makes cash, the buyer scores a great deal, and the community receives our donations!

Check out rest of our site to find out more information about our sales!

We'd like to offer a special thanks to Sarah Lowry Dismore for taking wonderful photos of our sale. Please check out www.lowrydismore.com to see more of her work!
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